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Nutrition support for anorexia recovery.

Recovery from anorexia is a delicate process. Even with a combination of medical management and therapy those who make a full recovery still walk a fine line between remission and relapse. It can be an ongoing battle.

In the years following discharge from hospital there are sometimes lingering health issues that are can be overlooked. These issues can contribute to the development of specific eating habits, a relapse or ongoing health issues. It is not unusual to find that weight gain or maintenance is a constant struggle and not necessarily because the illness has returned. The challenges that the body has been through during the illness mean eating can be difficult and compromised absorption can make weight gain harder to achieve and maintain.

It is not uncommon to continue to have digestive issues post-recovery. These can take the form of constipation or bloating or other issues with bowel movements. Absorption of nutrients can also be affected. From a nutritional medicine perspective, proper absorption of nutrients is key for maintaining recovery and reaching good health. In some individuals, digestive issues were apparent prior to the onset of anorexia and in some way contributed to the development of the illness. Sometimes they are a consequence of anorexia where the body struggles to process even small amounts of food.

We can help to restore good digestion, ensuring good absorption and strengthening health in general. Contact us to book an appointment in person or virtually to help support your long-term health.

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Sarah is a clinical nutritionist specialising in mental wellbeing and the gut-brain connection.

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