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One-to-one consultations with a bespoke nutritional programme.

This is where we do our best work! I work with you on a one-to-one basis to ascertain what is affecting your health issues and then I develop a personalised nutrition programme to help you move forward.

We begin with an initial consultation which lasts around 1 hour. This gives us the time to investigate your current symptoms, your health history and to identify any nutrient deficiencies or functional imbalances that are contributing to your current state of health.

After our time together I will write up your bespoke programme which will include diet and supplement recommendations to tackle the cause of your health issues. It may be that some further testing will help us refine our programme even more. If this is the case I can also make suggestions as to which tests will benefit your the most.

Follow up sessions are held around two months later and these are a chance for us to review progress and make any changes to ensure you are making the best progress possible. These are typically shorter sessions, allow around 45 minutes for these.

Initial consultations are £90

Follow up sessions are £50

Initial consultations take place online, but there are usually a few face-to-face appointments available in South Birmingham each month. Get in touch to let us know your availability and I can let you know mine.

How many sessions will I need?

It can be tricky to say how many sessions you will need, it depends on how much work needs to be done. Some health issues are complex and they require a number of sessions and others are more simple to solve. In some instances you may only need one session in order to get the information you need to put you on the right path. You are free to choose whether you would like any follow up sessions.

Can I order testing through you?

Yes, we can supply a large range of tests from comprehensive stool testing, SIBO testing, food intolerance testing (bloodspot not hair), organic acid tests, advanced thyroid testing and vitamin D. We mostly try to use tests that are easy to run, preferably those that can be conducted by yourself, in your home without any difficult blood draws. This is not possible with all tests but it does apply for most of them. Get in touch to ask about any tests you might be interested in running.

Can you interpret test results for me?

Yes, if you are a current client we can run through any tests you have ordered through me at our next appointment. I will help you to understand the results and what they mean in the context of your health and well-being.

I am also happy to look at any recent blood tests your GP has run or any test results from your consultant.

Will you recommend supplements?

Most of my nutritional programmes will include recommended supplements. This is because good results will happen faster than using dietary strategies alone. That said, I work with your needs in mind and some clients prefer to use dietary strategies alone to achieve an aim. If this is the case I am happy to oblige!

Do you work with children?

I do! I enjoy working with children and I am able to work around specific issues with dietary choices and types of supplements. The best thing about working with young children is how quickly we can start to see results.

Can you help with …..?

You would be amazed at all the health conditions nutritional medicine can help with! I have worked with everything from obscure neurological conditions, mental health conditions, to digestive disorders, acne and everything in between. If you’re unsure whether a nutritional approach can help you get in touch and ask.

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